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This blog post is an exciting one!!! Throughout all the craziness of the last few months, I have been unable to shoot many portrait sessions. And it has been hard! It has been SEVEN months since I photographed an individual senior session until Marlene’s session at Spook Cave! I was hesitant about booking sessions in […]

Iowa Senior, Snitker Senior, Wisconsin Senior

Spook Cave Senior Session | Marlene

When COVID ruins all of your original styled shoot plans but then the last minute change up turns out even better, you know it’s going to be a great year! I am so excited to officially hand over the reigns to the Class of 2021! We met up at the Waukon Iowa City Park last […]

Iowa Senior, Snitker Senior, Wisconsin Senior

Waukon Iowa Senior Styled Shoot

I still can’t believe I am writing this post! Yesterday, I had my very last photoshoot with my beautiful 2020 spokesmodel team. As they all celebrated their high school graduation a few weeks ago and prepare for the next chapter, we wrapped up this chapter with a college tee shoot as a team! Not all […]

Iowa Senior, Snitker Senior, Waukon Senior, Wisconsin Senior

2020 Spokesmodel College Shirt Shoot

I still can’t believe it is graduation time again! With all of the craziness in the world, it seems like time is flying faster than usual. I have been working on this Best of 2020 Seniors post for MONTHS. Yet I still can’t believe today is the day that we finally get to celebrate our […]

Iowa Senior, Snitker Senior, Wisconsin Senior

Best of 2020 Seniors

Our first senior shoot of the year! And of course, I had to do it with my favorite people, our spokesmodel team! I have been dreaming of a senior snow styled shoot for a few years now. And I knew having our team step in front of the camera would be the perfect way for […]

Iowa Senior, Snitker Senior, Wisconsin Senior

Senior Snow Styled Shoot

WHEW! Y’all, believe me when I say this…the class of 2021 blew me AWAY with their incredible applications for the spokesmodel program this year!!! Each application was amazing and these ladies are so inspiring! And yesterday I finally had the chance to meet them all IN PERSON at our meet and greet event. Each year, […]

Iowa Senior, Snitker Senior, Wisconsin Senior

Introducing the 2021 Spokesmodel Team

Who’s ready for another Prairie du Chien Senior Session? We met up with Connor on a beautiful and chilly morning two weekends ago out on St. Feriole Island. I have been so blessed to have the coolest and chillest seniors this year. Not a single one of them even bat an eye when I tell […]

Snitker Senior, Wisconsin Senior

Prairie du Chien Senior Session | Connor

Who’s ready for another St Feriole Island senior session? I AM!!! I always enjoy getting seniors in front of my camera. No, really! I love the challenge of making each session unique even if I am shooting at the same locations. But when the session is for a member of our Spokesmodel Team you know […]

Iowa Senior, Snitker Senior, Wisconsin Senior


Take me back to this gorgeous fall day and Jack’s Mississippi River senior session! This cold weather plus all the rain has me wishing for the summer sun to return. I would be happy with even just a few more days. But the only positive of the early sunsets and the rainy weather is that […]

Snitker Senior, Wisconsin Senior


Sometimes the best adventures happen when you turn at the fork in the road. And for Kyle’s rural Prairie du Chien senior session that was exactly what happened. After a few wrong turns and the help from a very kind lady, I pulled into his grandparent’s driveway. And wouldn’t you know, the driveway was conveniently […]

Snitker Senior, Wisconsin Senior

Rural Prairie du Chien Senior Session | Kyle