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If you have been following along, you may remember the last time we teamed with with Tera Mathis Coaching for her Little Black Dress Challenge in the fall. (You can see the blog post here!). Well we decided to do it again and I’m not gonna lie these ladies look FIERCE! We met out at […]



Where did the year go?!? I mean seriously! Hope was my first senior session of the year last July and Micah was the last this past December so it only seemed fitting to have them “suit up” and wrap up my Class of 2018 seniors with a bang! I have been wanting to do a […]

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Class of 2018 Cap + Gown Shoot

Last week was a BUSY week! Two proms and over a 1,000 photos later and I can finally see the end in sight but man am I tired! Thankfully, the time passed by fairly quickly because I got to look at gorgeous images like the ones in last week’s blog post and the ones below. […]

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Golden Hour Prom Session at the Villa Louis

Wanna know something crazy? This was the first prom I attended since my own 6 years ago! (Don’t quote me on this but I’m about 90% certain) But what is even crazier is that this was my “little” brother’s first prom. I won’t get all emotional or anything, but how is this even possible?!? It’s […]

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Zach & Chloe | Prom at the Dousman House


I know a lot of you only follow me to see pretty pictures (and that is totally cool) but I write today’s blog with tears in my eyes and a heaviness on my heart that I can’t even begin to understand. I believe God graced me with this platform as a way of speaking to […]

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Dear Devin

I’ve known Kelly for years and now she is getting married!!! It is so crazy to see friends and former teammates falling in love and planning their weddings right along side us. I mean, it seems like just yesterday we were playing out on the diamond together and now we each have diamonds of our […]

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Oh my … Brace yourself for one of the cutest little families you’ve ever seen. Sure I may have been a little tired from my quick trip to California, the two hour time change and then Day Lights Savings on top of it all but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t itching […]

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Baby Madeline – Iowa Newborn Photos

Ahh so this is another first for the MHD blog…I am blogging from 30,000 feet. Okay don’t fact check that because I missed it when the pilot announced how high we really were because I had my headphones on trying to capitalize on the free in-flight entertainment. Oh btw I am on my way to […]

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Blogging Among the Clouds

We may be half way through the week, but that doesn’t mean I am taking my foot off the pedal just yet. We selected our inaugural spokesmodel team a few weeks ago and I finally had the chance to hang out with them all IN PERSON at our meet and greet event on Sunday. All […]

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2019 Spokesmodel Meet and Greet

I think this chilly Tuesday morning is the perfect day to share some more pictures from this past Saturday’s session with little Miss Marryn! She didn’t have many smiles for us, but she was nice enough to sit very still which for a six month old is pretty amazing! A huge thank you to the […]

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Miss Marryn | 6 Month Milestone