Luke & Danielle

Engagements, Maternity

When Danielle reached out about getting some maternity photos taken I was so excited because 1. We have been great friends since middle school and 2. I knew they were going to absolutely rock it!!! We set off for the Rock Island Botanical Preserve just a couple hours before sunset on Saturday and let me tell you these two exceeded my expectations over and over again from the minute they stepped out of the car. It isn’t very often I have couples that are willing to do anything I ask without question, which I should mention included walking through weeds and sand, just so I could get a picture with the light shining through the trees. From the very first pose they were laughing and completely at ease in front of the camera (a photographer’s dream) and made my job a piece of cake. I mean just look at them! This wasn’t me posing them, this was just two people so completely in love that no matter what they did it was absolutely adorable and I gushed the entire time. Then to top it all off, the sun set at just the right time and we got the highly sought after golden hour sunset glow.

Overall the day was nothing short of perfect, but it is going to be even better once Baby Wagner makes his/her appearance! I am so excited…it will be here before we know it!! Until then enjoy a few of my favorites!