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Can you believe our Maddie girl is TWO MONTHS old already? She has already changed so much! Some days it still feels like we are babysitting someone else’s really cute baby because it is still hard to believe we are PARENTS!!!

At her two month appointment she measured 12lbs 8 ounces and is in the 75% percentile for everything. She also got her two month shots where she showcased just how much her lungs have developed!!! Even the nurses OUTSIDE the room complemented her lol

So month two has been a lot of fun! Here are a few of the memories that I want to remember:


  • She is perfectly content to just lay on the ground and stare at the pups!!! Which let’s me get a lot of computer work done since I can use both hands!!!
  • Maddie has the funniest facial expressions!!! She loves to go from a big smile to scrunching her eyebrows and right back into a smile to get a laugh out of us!
  • She has started cooing and grunting when she is excited!
  • Great grandpa and grandma Soride have gotten to watch Maddie a few different times when I had to get on the road for a session while Ethan is still working! I love how much she loves them!
  • Her receding hairline is slowly starting to disappear!!! Praise be! She is growing a lot of new baby hairs and they look a lot lighter than the hair on the back of her head so we may have a blonde baby yet!
  • She has had a lot of time with her family…especially her grandparents! We are so thankful for their help and that they will drop everything to get some Maddie snuggles!!!
  • She is content to hang out in her swing more these days! YAY!!
  • Her 0-3 month clothes are starting to get a bit snug and I’m both sad and excited about it! But I guess that means she gets a whole new wardrobe so win?
  • She has the cutest little sneezes and then coos at the end like she is proud of herself!
  • Maddie has a bit of a dramatic side. She is by no means a crier or fussy in any way…but she will let you know when she is unhappy or wants more attention with a few short outbursts that sound like the world is coming to an end!!! Then once she sees you she is all smiles again!
  • She went to her first wedding to celebrate hitting two months! I am just so thankful that she was content and didn’t disturb the ceremony before heading back to Grandma and Grandpa Snitker’s for a slumber party!!!
  • The pups are slowly starting to get more used to her and love to take naps next to her on the floor (with supervision of course!)

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Maddie’s Favorite Things

  • She loves staring at the sign I made above her changing table!
  • Maddie loves bath time!!!
  • She loves sucking on her hands…not her fingers but literally the back of her hands and it is the loudest thing ever!
  • She likes watching the dogs play!
  • While she definitely still loves car rides, now instead of sleeping she just looks around!
  • And I have a feeling she is going to be an outgoing little girl because she loves to talk to anyone who will listen!
  • She loves Ethan’s beard! Okay let’s be real she just loves him in general! The biggest smiles of the day always happen when he comes home from work and gets to hang out with dad for awhile!

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And for everyone who has asked, here is the link to her yellow romper!