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One of the most asked questions I get when it comes to planning the perfect portrait session is, “What do I wear?” And trust me, I get it! Selecting outfits is no easy task, especially if you are trying to find outfits for both you and your significant other!! So for all of you Snitker Sweethearts out there this post is for you. Here are 10 tips for picking stunning portrait outfits!

Coordinate don’t match portrait outfits

Coordinating doesn’t necessarily mean matching. Believe it or not, wearing the same color but in different shades is more ideal than wearing the same color. For example, if you are planning to wear a royal blue floral dress having your partner in a light blue button down will allow you to coordinate without looking too uniform-y.

Opposites attract

Speaking of patterns, if you are wearing a lot of color or a piece with a fairly busy pattern, sometimes it is best to have the other person wear a neutral or solid color. That way the patterns and colors are never fighting for attention!

Best of both worlds

Most of my couples typically have 2-3 outfits during  their engagement session. I usually recommend one dressier outfit and then one or two more relaxed and casual outfits. That way you have two very different styles!

Think towards the future

Another thing to think about is what and where you will be using the photos. Planning on using them for your save the date? Sometimes it is nice to coordinate at least one outfit to have a similar color scheme as your future wedding! Or are you planning on decorating every inch of your home with them like I did? Consider the current colors you have in your decor so everything matches!

Don’t overthink it

One of my biggest mistakes is over analyzing everything! In the end, some of my favorite images are the ones where the guy is wearing a simple, plain tshirt!

The bigger the better

When it comes to patterns, bigger is better. Small patterns tend to make your photos very busy. So large plaid looks better than small checkers, because the camera doesn’t do well at picking up small details from far away!

Equal formality

Make sure both of your outfits match in formality! If you are wearing a little black dress with heels, your groom probably shouldn’t be in shorts and sandals!


Jewelry, scarves, hats, jackets, flowers…I love them all!! Anytime you can add a little something extra to an outfit, I think it adds so much variety to your images. Plus it really elevates your entire look!

Wear outfits you are comfortable in

This is a BIG ONE!!! Wear outfits that are flattering to YOU! It seems like common sense, but I am guilty of this all the time! I know that I am my most comfortable when I am in clothes that have at least a slight sleeve, but when it comes to picking outfits I am always drawn to the sleeveless or tank top dresses. And while I love the way they photograph when I am behind the camera, I am NEVER comfortable wearing them personally! So in photos that translates and I never end up liking the photos as much as I thought I would because I remember how self conscious I was when I was taking them!

Stay true to yourself…and your partner!

Last but not least, stay true to yourself. If you aren’t the ball gown wearing type, don’t try to fact that during your portrait session. Same goes for your partner, if you are dreaming of that white tie formal photo but your fiance is more of a jeans and tshirt guy who hasn’t worn a tie since his high school graduation, more often than not it is best to pull back on the formality a little bit. It goes back to the last tip, if one of you isn’t comfortable then neither of you will like the photo! Plus, the whole point of your engagement session is to show off your love and relationship with each other. So be yourself and just OWN IT in whatever portrait outfits you choose! I promise in the end, your photos will turn out better than anything you found on pinterest!

BONUS TIP: If you want that super romantic image, consider a long and flowy dress! I love the way the fabric flows in the wind and they are super easy to pair outfits with for either a casual or formal look!!!