Introducing the 2021 Spokesmodel Team

Iowa Senior, Snitker Senior, Wisconsin Senior

WHEW! Y’all, believe me when I say this…the class of 2021 blew me AWAY with their incredible applications for the spokesmodel program this year!!! Each application was amazing and these ladies are so inspiring! And yesterday I finally had the chance to meet them all IN PERSON at our meet and greet event.

Each year, after our team is chosen and announced, I host this little get together. It’s a great way for me to get to know all the girls and their parents and get the year started off on a fun note! The event always ends up being some of my favorite memories!!!

We were missing a couple members of the team because of the snowy road conditions but we all got together at my house for an afternoon of yummy tacos, snacks, DIY crafting and a little photobooth fun! SO much fun!!! You may even say I had a little too much fun because I completely forgot to get out both my camera or my phone to document it all. Oops! Thankfully the ladies had me covered!

Love each and every single one of these girls already! So enjoy a few of my favorite moments from yesterday’s spokesmodel meet and greet event!!!

Can’t wait to capture all these lovely ladies (and Avery and Angelica) throughout the year as Snitker Seniors!!!

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