Blogging Among the Clouds

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Ahh so this is another first for the MHD blog…I am blogging from 30,000 feet. Okay don’t fact check that because I missed it when the pilot announced how high we really were because I had my headphones on trying to capitalize on the free in-flight entertainment. Oh btw I am on my way to California again. This was a pretty last minute trip but I am excited non the less. I remember being so nervous to take off last year and especially for sitting in one location for four hours. I had forgotten to put music on my phone but luckily I had ONE audiobook that I had finished the day before so my first flight passed fairly quickly.

I am really hoping the ride to the hotel is better than the drive to the airport because that was a little rocky. For starters, the company van was coated in ice. Then the parking ramp for our terminal was full causing us to park in the other ramp then take a shuttle then a tram to our actual location but after that it was pretty smooth sailing and we only had to wait about 30 minutes!

It still kind of blows my mind how much has happened in the past year since my last trip to Cali. I know I talk about it all the time, but honestly I am still so in awe of the wonderful support and encouragement I have been given both in my business and personal life. Working two full time jobs in exhausting and I think it is hard for people to see how hard it truly is but I can’t even begin to describe how humbling it is to receive an inquiry from a complete stranger saying they had been told by multiple people to look into my services. I mean just over a couple years ago I was taking on just enough sessions to pay for about two grocery trips a year. Now here I am working like the boss babe I am writing contracts, replying to emails and planning portrait sessions on a FREAKING airplane just because I can. I can’t wait till the day that I can do this whenever and wherever I want whether that be cuddled up on the couch with the pups or traveling across the country with Ethan.

Well foods here so you know what that means…time to take a break from the writing and eat this killer GLUTEN FREE Kind bar! I’m gonna try to gets lots of pictures tomorrow and who knows maybe another blog post will go live from the ground!