Maddie | One Year Old


Here it is..the post that I still can’t believe I am writing! Maddie girl is one year old!!! How is it that a year ago I delivered this healthy, beautiful, 8lb 6oz baby? And now she seems like such a kid!!!

This past month in particular she seems to be learning so much stuff! She has started yelling “uh oh” whenever she “accidentally” drops something. And I love that she will scream “Mama” when I leave the room just so I will turn and look at her one more time and say, “Yes Maddie.” All just so she can giggle and scrunch her nose. 

She is getting so brave and is soooo close to walking! She will take 8-10 steps before bailing to crawl! But she is QUICK!!! If we forget to close the door to upstairs she will time it perfectly so that she can get up at least a few steps before we can grab her! And you can’t even be mad because she will just giggle and hug you real tight!

Here are a few things about to remember our little one year old:

  • She loves to play with our new cabinets! And she wants to climb inside them at least once a day!!!
  • We have started transitioning to whole milk and Maddie LOVES it! Only a few more days with formula and my bank account is sooo excited!
  • She is obsessed with all of her new toys! Maddie was spoiled rotten at her birthday party on Sunday. Now her biggest struggle is finding out how to play with all of her new toys at once!
  • Her hair has grown so much in the past month and I am obsessed with her little pony tails!
  • She has started using anything that she can get a hold of as a phone. I can’t help but laugh when I look over and she is gabbing with a book to her ear!
  • She is OBSESSED with her Lamby. This is the first toy that she’s been attached to and she loves hugging it when she sleeps.
  • We got to celebrate Ethan’s first Father’s Day and spoiled him with matching tshirts and all of his favorite things!
  • Maddie had so much time celebrating her Aunt Jodi and Uncle Michael’s wedding reception! Especially getting to see lots of family that have been loving on her from afar this past year!!!
One Year Old - MEGAN SNITKER PHOTO-2.jpg
One Year Old - MEGAN SNITKER PHOTO-3.jpg
One Year Old - MEGAN SNITKER PHOTO-5.jpg
One Year Old - MEGAN SNITKER PHOTO-7.jpg
One Year Old - MEGAN SNITKER PHOTO-8.jpg
One Year Old - MEGAN SNITKER PHOTO-10.jpg
One Year Old - MEGAN SNITKER PHOTO-11.jpg
One Year Old - MEGAN SNITKER PHOTO-13.jpg

Maddie’s favorite things:

  • She loves ALL animals but especially her Tucker dog! She gives him a HUGE hug every morning and as you can see from the picture above, Tuck is getting used to it!
  • Maddie loves anything with wheels! And now that she got a car for her birthday, we have a hard time getting her out of it!
  • She loves making friends wherever we go! Whether that be by fluttering her eyelashes at strangers at restaurants or waving at everyone we pass at the grocery store, she definitely isn’t shy!
  • Recently, she has started to push the limits. And her favorite thing is to start doing something she KNOWS she’s not supposed to just so we will run and scoop her up!

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