Merry Christmas from the Mathis Family

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Okay I know Christmas feels like a lifetime ago but it’s never too late to send out Christmas cards, right?!?

I snuck away from my sleeping pups on Monday just long enough to grab some portraits of the Mathis family while they were all together for the holidays. And between you and me, I was a little jealous! I always say I am going to wrestle my family together for a portrait over the holidays, but then the time comes and I A. forget my camera or B. get hypnotized by grandma’s cooking and forget all about it! But enough about me and my problems.

To the entire Mathis family, believe me when I say you were an absolute joy to work with and I am so grateful that you allowed me to spend part of the day with you. I hope you all consider this little blog post/sneak peak my Christmas present to you, even if it is a few days late! Enjoy!