Did Someone Say Pizza?

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I thought running a business was hard, but running after a two year old is a completely different story.

Jake had us chasing him all over the place during his family photo session on Saturday. He was either running from one side of the bridge to the other to playing in the leaves or wanting to go splash in the water. That being said he did let us grab a few more family pictures just by mentioning pizza – this kid sure does have his priorities straight!

I have to say though, I think my favorites are from when we went down by the river and got some shots of Jake throwing rocks in the river. Every time he had a rock in his hand, he would look back at me and have the biggest smile on his face. He was even nice enough to share one of his rocks with me before continuing the routine.

Even with all the running around, I think his parents (and grandparents) are going to be pleasantly surprised by the amount of great photos we were able to capture! It was so hard having to choose what should be included in the blog. Thank you so much Snitker family for trusting me to capture these memories for you and hopefully Jake got to enjoy his pizza at Happy Joe’s!


This little bike kept him still for about thirty seconds until he realized we just wanted him to sit on the bike.2017-10-03_0004.jpg
This little section may be my favorite thanks to my lovely assistant, Ethan. E sat next to Jake and showed Jake how to pose and we were able to get quite a few smiles from this busy boy!2017-10-03_0008.jpg