T-100 DAYS


You know how you set out with all these big intentions just to find the time passing quicker than you can even comprehend. That is how I feel about this blog post. I have had our engagement pictures from the lovely Hannah Rosholt Photography ready to share with y’all pretty much since she sent them to us a month ago! But as time seems to do, it got away from me and other tasks became the priority and this fell off my radar.

But after the week we have had, I think it is about time to rebalance those priorities.

The past seven days have been hard on both of us. It has been filled with too many long work hours and not enough sleep, a whole lot of worry and not enough peace, a whole lot of tears followed by a few fleeting smiles, yet through it all there was Ethan being the foundation that holds our household together.

I will admit, it takes a very strong man to put up with my never ending ideas, my constant need for change, my seemingly endless work hours and not to mention the stress and anxiety that seems to follow me around every corner. Yet no matter how many times I cry or rant, get hangry or break down, he is always there encouraging me and pushing me to be the best person I can be.

Ethan is the most caring, loyal, selfless and good hearted human I have ever met. He came into my life when I felt nothing but darkness and led me on a path towards endless amounts of happiness and joy. I will never forget the day, no more than a month after we had first met, that we were hiking along the trails of Pikes Peak. We were talking about life and our goals and what we wanted the future to hold and as I watched him talk, the words all seemed to fade away and the only thought I had left was this:

This is the man that God had made for me.

There was no doubt. No fear. All of the pain and heart ache of the past was now worth it because it lead me here to him.




Ever since that day there have been no doubts. You are my person. The one who makes me whole. The one who sets my soul on fire and the one you made me believe in love. Part of me wishes that the next 100 days would fly by so I can finally show the world how much I love you. But if the past few days have taught me anything it is that you don’t have to wait for the perfect moment to show someone you care or to say those three little words to someone you love. I, Megan Elizabeth Howe, love you, Ethan Michael Snitker, with every beat of my heart. I want to cherish these next 100 days as your fiance, but I would be lying if I wasn’t counting down the minutes until I can be your wife.

Love, Me