Take a Step Back

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Sometimes when focusing on all the little details can be stressful, you just need to take a step back and look at the big picture.

To be honest, I have been stressing over all the little details for a long time. I missed a blog post last week. I have been getting behind on my long term goals. I have been slacking on creating new social media content in advance. It is hard to see the good when you keep reminding yourself of the little things standing in your way. So today I am focusing on the good.

I have been hard at work to create a brand new outfit styling guide for my clients, new contracts for sessions, new individual pricing guides plus an entirely new workflow to help get my galleries out in record time. While it took quite a few long nights that left me tired and dragging the next day at work, I can finally say they are ALL finished! So while I may be stressing about the little details right now, it feels pretty good to have these new resources ready for my clients.

To celebrate taking a step back (even if only for a night), here is the first “photo shoot” I ever had. Zach probably won’t be happy I am posting these, but he probably doesn’t read the blog anyway! Love you, Bro!

I mean just look at this comparison! This is why I stand behind getting professional portraits taken! The equipment itself plays a very small role in how the pictures come out. It is HOW you use the equipment that matters! Getting results like these takes hours of education, training, posing knowledge and practice!