Mondays With Megan

Top 10 Location Bucket List: Colorado Garden of the GodsSo as I mentioned a few days ago, I have been dreaming up my top 10 location bucket list. But what fun would it be to do all of the work of creating a list if I didn’t share it with all of you? This list has been slowly growing as long as I have had a camera in my hand. I have been able to shoot at some of these locations in the past. But to be able to cross it off my list, I have to have someone in front of my camera! So without further ado, here is my top 10 location bucket list as it sits today!

  1. COLORADO: I have always dreamed about shooting a destination wedding or engagement in the mountains. I fell in love with this beautiful state during my first family vacation out west. The picturesque views in every direction would make for a killer blog post if I do say so myself!
  2. COUNTY FAIR: I envision endless amounts of cotton candy, ice cream, corn dogs and carnival games in the background. Can you imagine how cool a senior session would be with all the lights and action happening in the background?!?
  3. GREENHOUSE: Imagine a jungle without the unbearable heat! All of the fresh blooms and cascading greenery would make for the most romantic setting for an engagement session.
  4. GRAFFITI WALL: Okay I will admit that this location is oddly specific but with the right senior, I think we could make some crazy, edgy portraits especially if we bring along a smoke bomb!
  5. BEACH WEDDING: Tropical location or not, I have always loved how sweet and intimate beach weddings can be. Bonus points if we get some sunset portraits at the end of the night!
  6. SUNFLOWER FIELD: It is hard to get the timing right with this one, but can we just all imagine the flowers as far as the eyes can see and how BOMB that would look!
  7. DESTINATION PROPOSAL: This one seems crazy to even put down but my first session was a surprise proposal. I loved the anticipation and excitement and getting to capture those memories at a destination location would be a dream come true!
  8. GRAND CANYON: I mean do I have to even give a reason?!? Just think of the epic photos you could have for your wall!
  9. HOT AIR BALLOON FESTIVAL: I saw a photo on Pinterest eons ago and it ended with a couple sailing away into the sunset. (Insert all the heart eyes) I think all of the colors and the literally hundreds of balloons would make for a magical night.
  10. DOWNTOWN CHICAGO: Another weirdly specific location and really any downtown would do, but I love the extra challenge of capturing iconic locations. They always require a bit of extra finesse but if done right it can look like you have the entire place to yourself!

So there you have it! You just read through my entire list of top 1o location bucket list as it sits today. So I have two small questions for you!


What locations would be on your list? & Who is going to help me with mine?