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It took exactly 10 days but it finally sank in, we bought a house!

Our little brick house in the snow!

I remember when I first moved to college and I swore I would never move back to this town. I KNEW I would get a job in a city as far away from my small-town roots as possible, but life has a funny way of working itself out.

Two and a half years ago, I applied for a job on a whim. A couple weeks later, I accepted an offer and it brought me a little closer to home. Then I met Ethan and quickly fell in love. We moved in together just 6 months later and it brought me even closer to home. Now we bought our dream home, exactly 0.3 miles or an 8 minute walk from my childhood home in the town I swore was a long distant memory.

I wish 17 year old me could see me now, loving life in our home in the heart of Northeast Iowa hundreds of miles from the nearest metropolis. She would probably think I was crazy, but little did she know how much she would grow to love the small town roots she grew up with.

We have so many dreams for this new home and I can’t wait to see all the memories we will make here!

Enjoy a few of the before photos from when we first saw the house and when it officially became ours. I can’t wait to share all the progress photos as we turn this little tan filled abode into our perfect paradise. The war against tan has started and there will be no rest until we have won!

This is my future office! I have big plans for this place but until then it is storing all of my breakable decor.

Hello built ins! I can’t wait for all of the family dinners we will have here, most likely not made by me.

I barely recognize the living room! This was the first room I tackled exactly two days after we got the keys!

This kitchen is huge but very inefficient. I have big plans for this place! Also a huge shout out to the family for organizing all of the essentials in the limited cabinet space. Y’all know I would have no idea where stuff should go!

I can’t wait for the weather to warm up. I may not have a very green thumb but I love designing exterior spaces and landscaping!