We stampeded out of the starting gate and immediately the sky started to pour. I could feel my shoes filling with water as I splashed through the rain filled streets. The crowd started to spread out as we all hit our stride. Then almost as suddenly as it started, the rain stopped. It was just me and Tucker and the sounds of foot falls hitting the pavement.

I’ve been running for awhile, if I am being honest most of my life really. It was always because I HAD to for some sport or for some activity but I was never a runner. I was merely someone who ran. But last night my view of that changed.

Last night I ran my first official non-stop 5K. In all of my 24 years, I never did that.

That is almost embarrassing to say but it is the truth. Two years ago, I made a resolution to myself that I would start putting myself and my health first. It has been an uphill battle and some days it seems like I haven’t made any progress at all. Yet here I am with a 5K under my belt, lifting heavier than I ever have and getting more and more confident every day. Last night was a major step towards reaching my long term goals of being more confident and proud in my skin.

Confident and proud because for the first time in my life instead of running away from the unknown and the uncertain, I ran towards it. I ran towards a life void of negativity and self doubt and took another step towards a life full of positivity and happiness.

Thank you to the Monona Volunteer Fire Department for putting on such an amazing event at your 5K glow run! Tucker and I enjoyed seeing all of your smiling faces, cheering us on at every turn of the course. We are already looking forward to next year’s event. If you are in the Monona area today, make sure to check out all the wonderful events that are planned for their Hay Days celebration!!! I took a glance at the calendar and the schedule is jammed packed!

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