A Breathe of Fresh Air

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Some old fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.

A year ago, I never would have thought I would be where I am today. I was a tired, stressed and sleep deprived college student just trying to make it to graduation. I took so much for granted and would have done anything for the time to go just a little bit faster.

If I could give myself any advice, it would be to pause and enjoy each moment. Enjoy the laughter shared with loved ones. Enjoy the smell of fresh spring air and the sight of new blossoms on the trees. Enjoy the smell of a home cooked meal waiting to be served. Enjoy these moments because you never know if you will get to enjoy them again.

This weekend I was reminded to enjoy these little moments rather than try to rush through them. Time is a mysterious thing. We all want more time, yet we take it for granted every day. We say we don’t have time or we have too much work to just “stop and smell the roses.” But in reality those are the moments we will look back at and smile. Even today as I think back on this wonderful weekend, I don’t think of all the work I did or the tasks I finished. I think of the time spent with family and friends. I think of cuddling up with my little rescue pup after a day filled with love and laughter. I remember my body being sore and my mind being tired and being so thankful for all God has given me.

These are the moments I will cherish. These are the moments I will look back at when my hair is grey and my hands can no longer type and I will be happy I took the time to enjoy a breathe of fresh air out on a little farm in Iowa.