Small Town, Big Hearts

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One gas station. One water tower. One grocery store. One four-way stop.

To some a small town of 2,200 people does not have much to offer, but to me it is everything. Sure it may not be as glamorous as big city living, but it’s a place where you know your neighbors, where you wave at strangers, where you take Sunday strolls and where you hangout with friends at the local bowling alley every Saturday night. Small towns may not seem like they have a lot to offer in terms of luxury, but they more than make up for it with their charm.

A lot of people questioned why I turned down offers where I could live in the hustle and bustle of city living. I could have a cute studio apartment over a small cafe with a night life that would leave me wishing every day was the weekend. I could be within a short drive of major shopping centers, attractions, movie theatres and museums. I could find a new place to explore every week and would still never see it all.

Instead I chose a small, quaint town with limited food options, few attractions and where the closest Walmart is 30 minutes away. Why you ask? Because small towns have big hearts and the people that live there truly care about you. Sure my options can be limited from time to time, but the charm of it all beats city life any day. When I walk into the gym every day after work without fail someone will stop me and ask how my day was going. If that happened in a bigger city I would probably be checking to make sure I wasn’t followed on the way back to my car. If you ever need help, whether it is moving out that old couch or raising money for a friend in need, there will be an army of people ready and waiting.

That is why I live in a small town of 2,200 people surrounded by fields of corn, soybeans and cows. After a crazy, hectic four years of college, I am ready to live life in the slow lane surrounded by the people I love. I don’t know where I will be five, ten or even a year from now, but I can only hope that it is filled with lazy Sunday strolls around a community I am glad to call home.