Rural Iowa Engagement Session | Evan & Robin


While the weather wasn’t exactly working in our favor last week, I can honestly say we captured some of my favorite portraits to date! We had a week filled with seniors. Then capped it off with Evan and Robin’s Iowa engagement session. Robin pinged me the location and based on the satellite images alone, I was beyond excited. We drove down a little gravel road. And nested in between the bluffs of Effigy Mounds was a quiet little valley and the future location of their June wedding! Robin and I had already talked about the vision she had for their big day but seeing it in person just made it all come together. I could have talked wedding plans all day. However, we knew there was a storm rolling in so we got to work!

Robin and Evan are naturals in front of the camera. It was so fun to see their love for each other shine in each frame. This little valley had so much variety in such a little place my photographer heart was in heaven! Big trees, check! Fields of prairie grass, yep! Rolling water, of course! Wild flowers, obviously! Random stone buildings that looked like a castle, you bet it did! Honestly this little spot had it all and then some but Robin and Evan were the cherry on top.

Robin and Evan, thank for the non stop fun from the moment we started to the last kiss as the rain began to fall. I can’t wait to visit this little slice of heaven next June but until then I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from this Iowa engagement session below!

Rustic Iowa Wedding_0202.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0203.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0204.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0205.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0206.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0207.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0208.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0209.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0210.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0211.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0212.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0213.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0214.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0215.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0216.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0217.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0218.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0219.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0220.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0221.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0222.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0223.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0224.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0225.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0226.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0227.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0228.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0229.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0230.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0231.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0232.jpg