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Leah’s Summer Senior Session Rural Waukon

It isn’t every day that my client’s take me to their hidden piece of paradise but when Leah wanted pictures on their land north of town I jumped on it no questions asked! I love the challenge of showing up at new to me locations and find all of the good light. But when I put my car in park, my eyes were jumping from location to location to location because as far as the eye could see we had lots of spots to choose from! I am talking fields of tall prairie grass, old barn boards and to cap it off a tree swing!!!!

We knew there was a chance of storms based on the radar, but instead of rain we ended up getting the best sunset of the summer!!! We had golden light for days and although it was one of the hottest weeks of the year for some reason it was the perfect temperature during Leah’s session! I mean what are the odds?!? I could see having no rain but no rain, golden light and just the right amount of wind to keep the bugs away? Miracles really do happen!

Leah, thank you so much for trusting me to take your senior portraits. It was great getting to meet you and your mom! I hope you enjoy just a few of my many favorites below and thanks again for the Spring Grove pop for the road. It was the perfect way to end an already perfect night!!!

Rustic Iowa Wedding_0167.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0168.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0169.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0170.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0171.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0172.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0173.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0174.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0175.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0176.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0177.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0178.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0179.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0180.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0181.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0182.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0183.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0184.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0185.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0186.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0187.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0188.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0189.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0190.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0191.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0192.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0193.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0194.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0195.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0196.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0197.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0198.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0199.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0200.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0201.jpg

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Leah’s Summer Senior Session Rural Waukon



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