Downtown McGregor Senior Session | Jordan

Iowa Senior, Snitker Senior

Less than a year ago I was photographing her older sister’s senior pictures. That is CRAZY! But last week it was Jordan’s turn to step in front of my camera! After rescheduling due to rain, we were finally able to explore one of northeast Iowa’s greatest treasures Downtown McGregor. It is such a hidden gem with so much variety. So when Jordan mentioned it for her session, I was quick to confirm how great it would be! We hit all of my favorite spots while also finding some new gems. Believe it or not, all of these portraits were in walking distance from downtown!

Jordan, I enjoyed our time together so much! I hope you love some of my favorite images here as much as I do!!! And thank you for literally being up for anything. Whether that was posing next to a smelly dumpster or taking a little dip into the Mississippi to end the night! They ended up being some of my favorites from the entire day!!!!

Rustic Iowa Wedding_0129.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0130.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0131.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0132.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0133.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0134.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0135.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0136.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0137.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0138.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0139.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0140.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0141.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0142.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0143.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0144.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0145.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0146.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0147.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0148.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0149.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0150.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0151.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0152.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0153.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0154.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0155.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0156.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0157.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0158.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0159.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0160.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0161.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0162.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0163.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0164.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0165.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0166.jpg

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