Iowa Sunset Senior Session

Snitker Senior

This is my FIRST senior blog for the class of 2020! AHHHH!!!! Sure there have been styled shoots but one-on-one senior sessions are my jam!!! I love getting to spend time crafting a session that is truly unique to each senior and what they envision! Saysha is one of our fabulous Spokesmodels so while she has been in front of my camera a few times now that just meant we had more time to get killer portraits!

We met out at her houses out in the country and then after a quick ride through the woods we parked at the most beautiful piece of land I have ever seen. I may have to visit again real soon because it crossed off all the boxes for a gorgeous portrait location! We were able to get all of the natur-ey, water and tall grass pictures that my heart desired all within walking distance of each other!!! I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better location to kick off senior spotlights on the blog this year! Saysha was a rockstar as per usual and she had me laughing for a solid two hours straight to the point that the time seemed to just fly by and before we knew it we were taking our last shots of the night.

Saysha, I love having you as one of our spokesmodels and can’t wait till I get you in front of my camera again this fall! I may have to plan another get together so I don’t have to wait till then to hang out – but in the meantime enjoy a few of my favorites!!!

Rustic Iowa Wedding_0097.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0098.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0099.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0100.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0101.jpg
Rustic Iowa Wedding_0102.jpg
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