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I wasn’t sure if we should count yesterday or today as Maddie officially being eight months since she was born on the 29th, but when Sunday came and went I figured Monday would be perfect. This past month has been a whirlwind between wrapping up the bulk of the studio renovations as well as being home with Maddie this past week. It has been so fun seeing her come out of her shell! She is definitely attached to me which can be tough but I am enjoying it while it lasts.

This little girl is so close to crawling but I have a feeling she may skip that step all together and just start walking. She loves holding herself up on the couch or her activity center and playing with the toys in front of her. I am just excited for her to be able to move where she wants instead of throwing a fit because she can’t get to a certain toy she sees.

Here are some things I want to remember about this month of his life! :

  • This month she has learned to sit up by all by herself. But she hasn’t quite figured out how to get HERSELF into that position yet.
  • She got two teeth this month and loves to run her tongue over them!
  • I don’t know where she learned it but Maddie loves giving people raspberries. Mostly I think she loves that it makes us laugh.
  • Tucker is slowly starting to warm up to her. Probably because she feeds him ALL of her food but I would like to think he just plain old likes her.
  • Maddie has learned how to clap her hands and cheer. It is the cutest thing and she will keep clapping until you cheer with her!
  • She also started doing this grunting thing and I die everytime she and Ethan start going back and forth. Especially since the volume gets louder and louder as they go!
  • Maddie has learned how to spit which is a big surprise when you think she is going in for a kiss.
  • I took her on her first grocery shopping trip and she LOVED it! She talked to everyone that walked by and just couldn’t stop staring at the lights.
  • She is obsessed with talking on the phone with whoever will listen. If she hears that dial tone, she immediately needs to hold the phone so she can talk.
  • Maddie plays this game when she is tired where she puts her head down and then pops it up like. “Just kidding.” And she thinks it is so funny. That is probably my favorite thing about her right now. She seems to be such a little comedian and will do anything to make us laugh.

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Maddie’s favorite things: Month Eight Edition

  • She loves her puppy. The minute we get home, her head is straining to look over the carseat to find him! And she gets the biggest smile when he lets her pet him.
  • Maddie is OBSESSED with the Office theme song. She can be in the middle of eating her supper and has to turn all the way around to watch it. Then once it is over, she goes back to business as usual.
  • Now that she is down to only two naps a day, she LOVES them! Praise be!
  • Maddie is still a very avid reader. Currently her favorite book is a bath book about dolphins because she can chew on the pages AND flip them all by herself.
  • She also is a big fan of cows and her animal books that moo.
  • She loves other babies and gets really excited when she sees pictures of them.

PS: I am obsessed with shooting at Haven!!!

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