Maddie | Seven Months


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Okay I feel like I always start these out with “can you believe…” so I’ll just skip that part because we all know time flies way too fast! I think I want to remember seven months as the learning month for all of us I think. Maddie has learned how to maneuver all over the floor. While we have learned that even if it is in the other room doesn’t mean that she can’t get to it…or that Tucker won’t bring it to her. Speaking of Tuck, he has learned that if he sits real close to Maddie while she eats in her high chair she will inevitably let him lick her fingers of all the oatmeal or applesauce.

We still haven’t discovered a food that Maddie doesn’t like. But she has way less interest in her bottle now that food is an option. She has been snacking on some baby cereal and snacks now that she has her two front teeth and she is LOVING it!

So here are some things I want to remember from month seven:

  • We went sledding and a certain someone was obsessed.
  • This is the month she learned how a remote works and without fail is now able to turn the TV volume from an 8 to an 87 in just a couple of seconds.
  • Our sleep schedule was rough when she was getting those two teeth but once they came in she slept through the night and it was glorious.
  • She has officially hit the attachment phase. The last few weeks she will NOT let me leave the room, otherwise the entire block will hear her scream at the top of her lungs. Doesn’t matter if E is holding her, she just wants her momma. I’m not gonna lie, it has been rough to get anything done but I also love how she hugs me when I pick her back up.
  • Speaking of love, she is a big fan of open mouth kisses these days and will make sure to leave you with a big pile of drool to wipe up.
  • She got to spend lots of time with all of her grandparents this month including a full day where she got to hang out and play with her cousin Olive!
  • Her hair is getting so much longer now but we still have that bald spot in the back. And she loves to run her fingers through it.
  • I love her big smile and full body dance she does when I pick her up from daycare. She gets so excited and her whole body gets moving.
  • She likes to feel wind blow through her hair and will flutter her eyelashes if you blow on her bangs.
  • Maddie is obsessed with looking at herself in the mirror and then giving herself kisses.
  • She is a big snoop when we take her new places. The minute she gets out of the car seat she has to check everything out, even if she was just there yesterday. Kristy can attest for this one!

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Maddie’s favorite things: Seven Months Update

  • This girl is OBSESSED with water and loves to splash all the water out of the tub!
  • She still loves car rides. We had to make a trip up to Lacrosse to see a dermatologist last week. Thankfully, she slept the whole way up AND back.
  • Maddie loves playing with blocks, especially if she gets to throw them across the room.
  • Naps with Grandpa Howe are her favorite thing. She will fight and cry if anyone else tries to get her to sleep. Yet she will just drift off in seconds if she gets to cuddle with Grandpa.
  • Maddie loves random dance parties just as much as her momma.
  • One of my favorite things is when she makes motor noises and then giggles after it.
  • Tucker loves to give Maddie good morning kisses and she will laugh and laugh and laugh.

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