Maddie | Six Months


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Half a year?!? How has it been six months since we were waiting so very impatiently to meet her? She has finally started to show us her true personality and while she is still the same sweet girl we have grown to love she is much louder!

We had so much fun celebrating Maddie’s first Christmas. And while it was different than years past, it was filled with so much love and new traditions. Maddie of course was spoiled and while she didn’t quite understand the point of opening her presents, she LOVES all the attention when it was her turn.

As I think back on these past six months, I am so thankful for these little updates. Time seems to be going so fast and while there are times we can’t wait for the next stage to begin, once it does we are missing the prior. So here are my favorite memories from the past month:


  • I love how Maddie smiles when she sees herself in the mirror when I get her up for the day.
  • We officially have a baby on the move. She has started rolling all over the house. Long gone are the days of putting her down in just one spot.
  • Our Christmas can best be described as the Maddie show. And she was even lucky enough to get a personal visit from Santa. Safe to say she was a fan.
  • My favorite time of the day is when Maddie and I read books before bed. Current fav, that’s not my cow.
  • We have had most foods by now and Maddie would eat all day if we let her.
  • It has been a crazy month as far as a sleep schedule goes. At the beginning of the month, Maddie would fall asleep but would be WIDE awake the minute we went to bed. But I am happy to say we made it through and she sleeps from 7:00-7:00 for the most part with two naps!
  • She has started holding her bottle all by herself. We still need to watch her but she seems like such a big kid now!

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Maddie’s favorite things:

• She loves to pull her socks off. I can’t tell you how many times we have gotten somewhere only to realize she threw her sock somewhere without us noticing.
• Maddie loves eating both her fingers and her toes.
• She loves talking on the phone and is getting much better at selfies. And it is safe to say she loves the phone she got from uncle Zach.
• While she eats nicely for everyone else, she REFUSES to let me feed her unless she also has a spoon to “feed herself.” And while it can be a bit messier, the smile on her face after is worth it.
• She loves her puppy snuggles in the morning but she gets very worried and confused when Tucker yawns. Tucker on the other hand? Still coming to terms with it all.

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