Mother’s Day Memories

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“The love in our family flows strong and deep, leaving us memories to treasure and keep.”

Here is a little photography secret: If you are having fun and you feel comfortable when getting your pictures taken, you will love the photos so much more not because they are perfectly exposed or tact sharp. You love them more because they remind you of how great you felt being surrounded by the people you love.

One of my main priorities when I walk into a session is to make sure people are at ease, having fun and enjoying the process. Sunday’s Mother’s Day session was no different. My lovely assistant, Ethan, and I drove down to Cedar Falls to take some large family portraits for one of my old co-workers. I’m gonna be real honest for a second and say that while I love large family photos, they can be very stressful for a photographer especially when kids are involved. I mean 11 people all looking at the camera at the same time is a huge feat in itself, but ensuring that each one of them is having a great time too?!? That recipe can make for one tired photographer! But I was up for the challenge and was also ready to work hard to make it happen. Now what I didn’t expect going in was how much fun I would have, too!

These guys had me laughing and having a great time before we even starting taking pictures! Even after being out in the heat for a few hours, Ethan and I still couldn’t believe how great everyone was. Plus on top of how amazing everyone was on Sunday, they made this photographer feel extra special all week just from the love they have shown for the couple sneak peaks on social media! To put it simply, the day was full of patience, laughter and fun and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

So thank you Larry, Carol, Deb, Ben, Shantel, Adam, Olivia, Trey, Brie, Braylinn and Shayla for making this one of my favorite family sessions to date. Thank you for making Sunday just as fun for me as I hope it was for you. Thank you for making my day as stress free as possible. Thank you for making this Mother’s Day one I will remember for years to come!

Okay enough of me rambling, we all know people only come for the pictures! Enjoy 🙂