Sunday with the Schutte’s

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Any day down on the island is a good day to me, but Sunday may have been one of the best.

I think it is so cool that the Schutte’s get together every year to get updated family photos. I think our last family portrait, not counting the one I forced my family to take on vacation, was from church when I was in 8th grade. I think it is still hanging up in the dining room and it is not great – Mom if you are reading this, it is time to replace that bad boy. I had a side part that pretty much started at my ear and I cringe every time I look at it. And while we are at it lets just burn all photos from sixth through eighth grade. It is for the best, trust me.

So back on point, I think it is pretty awesome that the Schutte’s get new photos every year and I am only a little jealous – okay a lot.

Sunday was a gorgeous day with the perfect amount of cloud cover and once we found a spot out of the wind, we were able to knock out all of their portraits fairly quickly considering they are a family of 25!  So thank you to the entire Schutte family for making my job so easy. Also great work Cindy on everyone’s outfits! They looked great.  I had such a blast getting to spend a part of my morning with y’all. Enjoy the pictures and have a great day!

Oh and I should probably also give a shout out to the couple walking their HUGE dogs for helping get all the littles to look at the camera! Your help was greatly appreciated, even if my dog wasn’t too happy about it once I got home!!!