With the sun slowly setting behind the tree line, he looked her in the eyes and wrapped her up in his arms. No words were spoken but her smile said it all. They savored the moment with a sweet kiss. It was like a scene from a movie with the picturesque bluffs and the flowing waters of the Mississippi in the background. There is no sweeter memory then going back to the spot where your fiance asked you to marry him and reliving the moment through photos.

Let’s start out by saying I LOVE when couples choose locations that mean something to them, their story and their relationship! Scott and Chris met me at Pikes Peak State Park on Saturday before the big storm hit. It was where they got engaged and where they will get married this July surrounded by their closest friends and family! How sweet it that?!?

I can’t wait for their wedding in just a few short months! But since that we still have a little time, I am going to relive our time together through their blog! Thank you so much Scott and Chris for taking time out of your day to meet me for these photos. I had an absolute blast and can’t wait till your special day!



Scott & Chris | Pikes Peak Engagement

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