Introducing Wyatt William

Personal, The Story of Us

One week of loving on our little man, Mr Wyatt William. It has been both the quickest and yet longest week of my life. So much change in such a short amount of time while also forgetting what life was like before him.

Everything about welcoming Wyatt to our family has been so different from when I was pregnant with Maddie. While I was sick for both, I would say being pregnant with Wyatt was leaps and bounds harder on me than it was with Maddie. Unlike with Maddie, I was sick the entire time vs things tapering off at 26 weeks. I started IV fluids in September and I lost count how many I received in total over the course of my entire pregnancy. Then at the beginning of February, the migraines started. I have never been prone to them before but let me tell you, migraines while pregnant are just not cool! I ended up getting sent to L&D a few times to get them under control just for them to come right back. Looking back, being pregnant with Maddie was hard on me BUT the postpartum period was hell. Comparatively, the past nine months were by far the biggest challenge I think I have ever experienced. Mentally, physically and emotionally draining day in and day out BUT thankfully this postpartum experience (so far) has felt like such a triumph.

Wyatt is such a chill guy, unless you are late to getting his bottle ready. He is the perfect addition to our little family and I can’t wait to see how he continues to change and grow!!! If you love to read people’s birth stories, please feel free to keep reading. But for now, Ethan, Maddie and I would like to introduce you to our favorite little guy, Wyatt.


On the morning of Wednesday, April 3, Ethan and I drove to Lacrosse in the midst of a snow storm for our weekly ultrasound and appointment. The week before, we found out his estimated weight was knocking on 11lbs and we had opted for a planned cesarean at 39 weeks. To be honest, I cried at that appointment. Not because of opting out of a vaginal birth but because that meant I had to be pregnant another two weeks when it felt like an eternity when every day felt like a battle.

But our ultrasound went really well, other than Wyatt refusing once again to get any cute ultrasound pictures. Then we waited for the doctor to come in and go over what next week would look like. Well that appointment lasted all of maybe five minutes before we were once again sent to Labor and Delivery to be monitored more closely and to get my migraine under control. But once we got on the monitor, they saw I was having contractions every 1-2 minutes. So it was decided that rather than going home, we would be having a birthday party later that afternoon.

And all I felt was relief.

At 4:30pm, I was brought back to the OR. After 30 minutes of trying to get the spinal to work, I ended up passing out. We made the decision to go under general when Wyatt wasn’t recovering like we would have liked. And by 5:19pm he was born at a whomping 10lbs 1oz and 21 3/4 inches long!!!