Maddie | Three Months


To be honest, I am not even surprised that I have dropped the ball when it comes to Maddie’s updates! September was a crazy month in our house. I have been busier than ever and while I took the photos *only a couple days late this post is well over a week and probably closer to two to going live! No shame…life is nuts!

I can honestly say that three months has flown by but this was my favorite one so far! She is starting to show her little personality and seems to learn something new every day! She is literally changing by the day it seems. And here is what I want to remember from this season:


  • She is constantly making noises like literally NONSTOP! You can lay her on the ground under her play mat and she will just talk to the little animals that hang above her.
  • Maddie loves holding her hands and twiddling her fingers around. Sometimes it looks like she is coming up with an evil plan to keep us up all night and sometimes it seems like she is praying!
  • She has no shame in letting you…and the neighbors…know when she is hungry!
  • We survived our first official baby cold! She was so stuffed up and hated laying down so no one in the family really got any sleep. Still so thankful for all the recommendations about the Nose Frida because that was a lifesaver!!!
  • I love when she wakes up in the morning and she smiles when she sees me come to pick her up!
  • She has officially grown out of her 0-3 month clothes which means an entirely new wardrobe!!!
  • Maddie would much rather be sitting up than laying down! She just wants to check out everything going on around her.
  • She found her smile and she isn’t afraid to use it!
  • Maddie started going to daycare and we all love it! I get a little time to work and run errands and she gets to hang out with all her new friends!
  • We all got to meet Maddie’s cousin, Olive, who made her appearance at the beginning of September! I can’t wait to see them grow up and become the best of friends!!!

Maddie’s Favorite Things – Three Months Edition

  • She still loves car rides but she doesn’t fall asleep during them as much.
  • Maddie is a firm believer in a 7:00pm bedtime routine and will let you know how unhappy she is with you if you keep her awake for too long!
  • She loves to grab onto toys and put them into her mouth or pass them to each hand!
  • Maddie is starting to enjoy tummy time now that she can lift herself up with her arms.
  • Maddie loves meal time and will smile after she burps like her dad.
  • She adores spending time with all of her grandparents and has gotten to see them quite often this past month!

While this month has been a super exciting month and season for our family, it has also been a very sad time for us all. In the spring, Gunner started having a lot of different health issues and by the end of August we got his official diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease. We thought we had months, maybe even years but in reality we only had weeks. It has been a hard transition for all of us, but I am so thankful for the time we did have with him. I am at peace knowing that he is no longer in pain and is finally healed. But it doesn’t make the house feel any less empty without his calming presence.

Rest easy our sweet rescue pup.

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