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    Helping couples, seniors and business owners capture the images of their dreams.

    I photograph all over the midwest but my roots are planted just three minutes from my childhood home where I spend my free time obsessing over frozen margaritas, sour candy and never ending home projects.


    When I tell my seniors to meet me in Downtown Decorah, I am sure they have a few initial ideas of where we will go. And while we may stop at some of them, my favorite locations are the spots most people would skip right over! Truthfully, I like the challenge of turning a three […]

    Iowa Senior, Snitker Senior

    Downtown Decorah Senior Session | Mia

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    Photographer for the joyful, authentic + adventurous souls.

    Leading up to Lexy’s glowy Decorah senior session, it rained. And that is honestly putting it lightly because it poured that morning! I was worried we would have to reschedule to let things dry out but it stopped just in time. And then by a miracle the sun popped out! It isn’t every day that […]

    Iowa Senior, Snitker Senior

    Glowy Decorah Senior Session | Lexy

    I’ll be honest, when I first started taking on portrait clients I was in it for the love of photography. So while I loved that aspect, working with clients made me so nervous. Like give myself a pep talk before every single session nervous! Thankfully, my confidence has grown a lot since then. But a […]

    Iowa Senior, Snitker Senior, Waukon Senior

    Golden Hour Senior Session | Bailey

    I’m not gonna lie it feels like YEARS since we have had a camera in our hands! I guess that’s what happens when you have a baby and the days last forever but the time goes quick. Confusing I know, but all you parents get me…right? Thankfully this sunflower field session with my girl Zoee […]

    Iowa Senior, Snitker Senior, Wisconsin Senior

    Sunflower Field Senior Session | Zoee

    It is hard to believe, but we have a one month old baby! Everyone keeps telling us how fast these first few months will fly by so I am trying my hardest to enjoy every little moment with our Maddie girl! She is honestly the best baby so it isn’t hard! Sure there are days […]

    Personal, The Story of Us

    Madison | One Month

    It’s crazy how fast life can change. One day our reality was never ending morning sickness and painful swelling to a beautiful 8lb 6 ounce baby girl. Madison Christine entered our world on June 29 and we love her more than I could ever imagine. Ever since that first full day in the hospital I […]

    Personal, The Story of Us

    Introducing Madison Christine Snitker

    When we booked this McGregor Iowa wedding, we had no idea how life would change over the next year and a half. So when we realized we would be 37 weeks pregnant, Ethan thought I was crazy to want to still shoot it! However, I photographed Evan and Robin’s engagement session and I loved it […]

    Northeast Iowa Weddings, Weddings

    A Rainy McGregor Iowa Wedding

    My FIRST intimate wedding in three months…I seriously can’t believe it!!! And if it wasn’t already special enough, I got to witness my sister in law marry the man of her dreams! We have been looking forward to their big day for so long. So nothing and I mean NOTHING was going to stop us […]

    Northeast Iowa Weddings, Weddings

    Intimate Postville Iowa Wedding | Michael and Jodi

    This blog post is an exciting one!!! Throughout all the craziness of the last few months, I have been unable to shoot many portrait sessions. And it has been hard! It has been SEVEN months since I photographed an individual senior session until Marlene’s session at Spook Cave! I was hesitant about booking sessions in […]

    Iowa Senior, Snitker Senior, Wisconsin Senior

    Spook Cave Senior Session | Marlene

    When COVID ruins all of your original styled shoot plans but then the last minute change up turns out even better, you know it’s going to be a great year! I am so excited to officially hand over the reigns to the Class of 2021! We met up at the Waukon Iowa City Park last […]

    Iowa Senior, Snitker Senior, Wisconsin Senior

    Waukon Iowa Senior Styled Shoot

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